GoCageFree is also a place where I can display mt art, peddle my wares, share links and info and encourage others to look above and beyond their own personal coops. Look at the outlets page to see my detailed miniatures set behind outlet covers. Look under Books&Merch&Baubles to find the books-Milo Writes and The Mothers Of Us All, Milo Dru notecards and other items as they come up.


GoCageFree is also a challenge to others to squeeze through the bars of their own cages or maybe just slip a hand through the chain link and lift the latch so that the gate swings wide open. Upon doing this one may find another cage, but fear not- there is a way out.

GoCageFree is also a battle cry of solidarity to others who have followed their inklings or inner tickles and have found it hard to stay free. It's okay to step back in when you need to because now you know where the gate is. I have found that often what was a cage becomes a refuge.

"because creativity

             needs room to roam."

What is GoCageFree?

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Milo Writes

A collection of poetry by Milo Wright, a.k.a. Allegra, Charlotte, Ravi

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